Aluminum Extrusion Automation

[youtube QMMSrhhaj1s] Extrusion Puller in Operation

This 880 Ton extrusion press pushes hot aluminum billets into intricate shapes up to 120 feet long.

Our customer is highly skilled in designing the equipment used in this process and asked Kane Engineering to provide a modern control system to meet the implementation schedule and capital budget.

In the first phase,  the run out roller conveyor, cooling table belts, stretcher, and final roller table to cut saw were removed and replaced with new equipment.  We worked with the customers electrical staff to specify the controls equipment while they did the electrical installation.

Kane Engineering provided the design, controls, and programming for the turn key system.  Multiple push button stations, motors, distributed switches, and solenoids were controlled through an Allen Bradley SLC 500 control with a Red Lion Touch Screen  and four Yaskawa A1000 Variable frequency drives.

In phase II of the retrofit, the puller drive system was updated.

The original system was ‘open loop’, using switches to set the positions for slow down, creep speeds, and stop.

A Trio MC403 Motion control and Yaskawa 20HP closed loop vector drive were matched to provide more precise puller control. The new system pulls more accurately and returns to the start position without the need for searching for limit switches for position control.

We enjoyed working with JP Motors and Drives on the Vector Drive selection and configuration.