Precision in Sensing & Motion

Kane Engineering has been an integrator of PLC and servo control systems since 1995.

Motion control and sensing has changed very rapidly in the past 20 years. With extensive experience in high speed packaging systems, force control, and image sensing, these are exciting times.

Our goal is to lead our customers to solutions through creative, practical application of modern motor control, sensor and information systems.

ProducTVity Station :: RED LION CONTROLS ::

ProducTVity Station :: RED LION CONTROLS ::

New from Red Lion comes the ProducTVity Station. This product makes a Key Performance Indicator and Andon Message Board out of any 720 or 1080 hi definition television. Capable of communicating directly with PLCs, drives, and other equipment, the ProducTVity station brings a readily visible display of almost any Key Performance Indicators right to the factory floor.

In addition, this product provides Email and SMS text message alerts and includes a built in web server for remote viewing from any PC connected to the internet. Finally, the ProducTVity Station can sync data logs to FTP servers and comes with a 2GB Compactflash Card for storing incoming data.

ProducTVity Station :: RED LION CONTROLS ::.