Our Work

Kane Engineering designs systems used in the manufacturing of many different products, from automotive components, to paper and printing, to food packaging.

Our unique niche is combining mechanical solutions through electrical motors and drives to the PLC or motion control system, frequently integrating load cells, laser measurement, and a variety of position feedback devices.

In the manufactoring business, measurement and time are commonly monitored over the course of the automation process.  Our systems are easily expanded to include date and time information for KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and other monitoring.

The fundamental questions of speed, mass, precision, and the motion path requirement for any given application are questions we resolve on a day to day basis.   The design, selection of control equipment, and programming all use that information to allow us to provide our customers with best services possible.

Typical projects include:

  • Selecting equipment such as computers, motors, electrical equipment, and mechanical actuators
  • System design
  • Electrical drawings
  • Programming
  • Debugging systems
  • On site start-up and service