Registration packaging of Candy Canes


Servo Controls Retrofit


Automated Paint Machinery (Design and Programming)




(Program & hydraulic engineering profiled container form and trim machine)



(Plasitisol Dip Profile machine system)





(High speed positioning for tube slotting)





Miller Brewing, Albany GA (Software to retrofit servo capper)


Anhauser Busch (Software updates *remember Y2K? )

Bowers Manufacturing (Extrusion Control Retrofit)

Toytomi -division of Toyota (Laser welder servo control machine diagnostics)

Benteler (Program design for tube bending machine)

Nestles-Waverly IA (High Speed Pouching machine)

Johnson Control (Design elect mechanical & software for automobile seat tests)

Dexter Axle (Design “flying shear” +/- .005″ on 60 fpm tube mill)

Midway Products (Steel coil feed systems and uncoiler for transfer systems)

Plastipak (Designed software for ‘Bottle-In Mold Labeling’ on variety of products)

Proctor and Gamble (Service call)

Amway (Service call-Proprietary)

Bomarko Inc (Drives,controls & software for printing press with rewind)

Lyle (Assisted with software design on Thermo-form machines & service calls)

Wayne Trials Technology (Service calls)

Lacks Industries (Control system for complete pallet line)

Autocam (Designed racker machine controls, Data systems and many ‘interesting’ jobs)

Specialty Glass (Designed & built propriety glass painting machine w/ data system)

Safeway Door (Designed several feed systems for feature placement on garage doors)

Syndicate Systems (High speed positioning for tube slotting)

West Michigan Automotive Steel and Engineering (Various Projects)

Transfer Tool (Synchronous part transfer system)

Trine Labeling (Assisted with continuous web labeling software)