Cellular Modem Control System for Remote Water Treatment

This remote Water Treatment Station is so remote, it is run with generators. The SixNet cellular modem sends and email report in the event of a fault condition.

Cellular Router from Red Lion/SixNet

At the top of each hour, the status, including rates and volumes is recorded to a CSV file. A new file is started at the first day of each month.

Faults and Hourly Report

Cellular Access to Pump System

Pull/Push Pneumatic Force – Test Stand Control System

Unitronics with Load Cell and Amplifier


Performance Testing of Allendale, Michigan does cycle and stress testing of manufactured products. They had been using a solution with a low cost PLC and load cell system, including a analog load cell amplifier.

The program and touch screen interface make the system easy to set up, and effective for checking the test status.

Or solution was much more robust, combining a Touch screen, PLC and high resolution (24-bit) into a single control.


See a YouTube video for more information:

PLC and HMI – combined in one control

Many controls manufactures are combining HMI operator stations with PLC in a single package solution.
This solution is very attractive for reasons that may not initially be obvious. Consider how large ware house controls system were designed in the 1980’s. These were the days of large centralized control systems. It was just easier to work with a single control program than with the headaches of programming multiple processors.

It is much easier today to place the PLC in smaller zones in a centralized control solution. Ethernet communication has made it easy to monitor and program distributed small control systems. Part counters, rate meters, temperature sensors are now smart devices, fully networked to the factory network.

There is an important advantage to many of these small HMI/PLC solutions. Most of these control platforms support SD (solid state) of CF (compact flash) for operating system and program backup. In the event a control fails, it is only necessary to place the memory storage in the new control and power up the system.

ProducTVity Station :: RED LION CONTROLS ::

New from Red Lion comes the ProducTVity Station. This product makes a Key Performance Indicator and Andon Message Board out of any 720 or 1080 hi definition television. Capable of communicating directly with PLCs, drives, and other equipment, the ProducTVity station brings a readily visible display of almost any Key Performance Indicators right to the factory floor.

In addition, this product provides Email and SMS text message alerts and includes a built in web server for remote viewing from any PC connected to the internet. Finally, the ProducTVity Station can sync data logs to FTP servers and comes with a 2GB Compactflash Card for storing incoming data.

ProducTVity Station :: RED LION CONTROLS ::.